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Long time no update. I’ve been kind of posting more on my FF14 blog, oops… I miss Higurashi. I miss Rika… I haven’t drawn my favorite girl in a long time. ;A; So here’s a messy doodle.

Looking forward to the new story in Higurashi Hou!

Re-blogging self.


that one character that seems to get jipped in almost every arc


So, I started watching Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and when I searched the “Higurashi” tag I found “Higurashi Kira”, “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai”, “Higurashi When They Cry” (although I think I understood that the last one is a PSP game???)… Can anyone explain me what is all of this, please?? And if I’m watching the series in the right order!!! ;u;

in terms of the anime

1. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (question arcs)
2. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai (answer arcs)
3. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei
4. Higurashi Kira (4 OVAs)

Higurashi Daybreak is a PC game based on the magatama episode of Rei, there’s also a PSP version called Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition. Higurashi Jan is also a PSP game focused on Mahjong. Hope this helps!


youd think that throwing a very sharp blade into the air would register in rena’s head as a bad idea, but I guess after nearly blowing up a school, you sort of still don’t really have all of your head back… maybe… idk 

keiichi believes in aliens now 

( gaycicadas took the mangacap )

on semi-related note the pink god girl looks like she’d be really fun to draw fanart for especially in a style similar to じろ or まつなか


Higurashi Hou jacket art and screenshots.



Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Hou Opening 




"we yo friedns roona we helop hide boedies"

ShrekSayo One-Shot by nitsu and pepisman​


"What are you doing in my swamp lil lady." Shrek said sexily as he waltzed over the youthful looking girl with his shirt off. "Y’know I don’t let people in my swamp." Shrek stood in front of her and ran his finger up her chin

"I-I…" Sayo tensed up, unsure of what to say. She was not that much familiar with diversity but she felt as if seeing an individual having a green colored skin is normal. The figure before her didn’t appear intimidating at all and she’s not even sure on whether or not they were even trying but she smiled kindly despite feeling a little ashamed for overstepping her bounds. "W-Will you please spare some time? Just a little will do."

"Ah what’s ya name gurl?" Shrek leaned in closer to her so he could examine every tiny detail to her face. He smiled a wide grin at her. "What’s your name?"

Sayo blushed as she carefully scooted away. It’s not like she was uncomfortable or anything. She just didn’t think it was alright for them to share such small distance. “M-My name…? I-It’s Sha-” Sayo. Her name was Sayo Yasuda, but not like she can just let this stranger know. Still, a part of her thinks that she could trust this person with it, it’s not like they’ll meet again anyway. “Sayo… My name is Sayo.”

"Well, Sayo." He paused and backed up a little "GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!!!"

Maybe she wasn’t kind enough. “I’m really sorry! I-I’ll get out now..” Shaking, she moved out like she was told with face buried in her hands. She was so embarrassed to the point where she’s not even sure what to do next. It was horrifying to witness the stranger get furious.

Shrek watched and something in him just didn’t feel right after seeing the way she reacted. What was this odd feeling boiling inside of his rough green skin? He wasn’t sure but what he did know is that he couldn’t let her run off and have no place to be. “Wait…Sayo.”

She turned around at the very moment she heard her name which sounded like music to her ears. She didn’t know that her own name could sound so comforting and warming. Pausing to face the unknown figure once more, she glanced at his face and knew that he realized that he somehow scared her, which was enough for her to not go away. “I find it really upsetting how you could easily call me with my name when you haven’t told me yours.”

He placed his hands on his chest and could feel the fast thumping of his giant ogre heart. “My name is Shrek. Shrek the Ogre, and this is my swamp.” He tried not to sound forceful or angry. “I never have many guests that don’t runaway at the sight of a big nasty ogre.”

Ogre. Such a being only existed within the back of her memories; childhood fantasies that didn’t deserved to be crushed by the weight of responsibilities of a servant but it did. She’d been in most stories, portrayed roles in her imagination but not once did she think of not accepting ogres inside the box. He did not have even a tiny bit of evil in his skin. He was far too kind and innocent compared to those she had met. “Is that so, Shrek-san? Maybe they ran off for some other reasons. No one can really tell. In my eyes, you don’t really look frightening. I just didn’t want to anger you further, that’s all.”

"You’re not scared of me? But I’m big and menacing and eat bugs for breakfast and smell burnt garbage. Oh Sayo." This girl he thought was far too kind to lend any kind of kindness to someone of his kind. It was the first time anyone had ever treated him as such. As far back as he could remember people lived in fear of the ogre but not her. It warmed him up inside even more than he already was.

She could only let out a soft giggle at his words. Not only was he working so hard on trying to change her mind, he was also letting himself down in which Sayo find a bit worrying. She shook her head afterwards to disagree. “I’m not. Even if you do eat bugs for breakfast, that doesn’t define you as an individual. You look like someone who would never hurt a fly, Shrek-san.” But he did smell awful.

"Well I have…I have hurt many flies by eating them…" He got what she was saying though and it made him feel nice. "So you don’t look like you come from anywhere around here? Are you from Far Far Away?"

"Oh, that’s…" She decided not to question his kind of meals anymore. It’s just like how the world functions. "To be honest, I got lost and I’m not sure if I want to come back." There is nothing for her to return to. The island already exploded and she’s no longer waiting for some sort of miracle to occur but she had no idea that meeting Shrek was a miracle in itself.

"So you got nowhere to stay? Well if you don’t mind the smell you can stay…in my swamp." He could see in her eyes that she had nowhere to return to and he wasn’t gonna push his questions any further. She looked like someone who….who was just holding out for a miracle

She didn’t know if she should accept his kindness. It was too much for a furniture like her who would never amount to anything. Regardless, her lips curved to form a genuine smile and in that moment, she swear she was alive. “Thank you very much, Shrek-san.”

Her smile made him blush a bright red blush that contrasted with his green skin. “You’re welcome Sayo…” He went to his home and held the door so Sayo could get a look around the disgusting home he had. He hoped she wouldn’t leave after seeing the atrocious living conditions.



The mystery is over. The Higurashi Hou about page is up and Hou contains the following:

*Unpublished Hinamizawa Bus Stop script (original work before the creation of the VNs)
*Higurashi Outbreak
*The brand new Higurashi Outbreak ~神姦し編~ (Kamikanshi-hen/God Wickedness…

Glad to share my info!

I knew it said something about Daybreak, hahaha. I was thinking it was talking about the anime, but I totally forgot (OKAY IT WAS 6AM WHEN I SAW THE SITE) Outbreak was originally written as an LN.


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